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3301 Milledgeville Rd Augusta, GA 30909


Welcome to Studio 33 – where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, and every visit promises a delightful twist! As a dynamic restaurant group, we're not just about serving up sumptuous dishes; we're in the business of creating unforgettable experiences that transcend the ordinary.

Enter our vibrant world where retail, food, events, and entertainment converge seamlessly, offering a multifaceted haven for all your senses. But that's not all – brace yourself for our signature concept: Shake It Up!

By day, immerse yourself in a world of wholesome delights as we specialize in crafting mouthwatering, nutrient-packed offerings that cater to the health-conscious connoisseur. Whether you're craving a vibrant salad, a rejuvenating smoothie, or a power-packed wrap, we've got you covered with our inventive and guilt-free menu options.

But when the sun sets and the moonlight beckons, that's when the real magic happens. Indulge your late-night cravings with our irresistible array of decadent treats and sinful delights. From sizzling sliders to tantalizing desserts, our menu transforms to satisfy every nocturnal whim, ensuring that the party never stops.

At Studio 33, we're here to shake it up – all day, all night. So, come join us and let's get shakin'! Prepare to be dazzled, delighted, and deliciously surprised at every turn.

We are approved by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Our commercial kitchen is now open and accepting orders